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Welcome to the only online directory for WLW events in LA.

Tired of scouring IG for wlw events?

Tired of showing up to events only to be overwhelmed by a gay sausage fest (which we love) but just want to be around other fruty wlw?

Discover and help amplify WLW events for WLW like you to support quality events that represent who we are, let's rework how we

If you're interested in contributing one way or another, we'll find a way to make it work! Contact us!


Curious to learn more? Keep reading :)

Once upon a time, a little fruty team ran a blog called girlswholikegirls on tumblr until we were rudely shut down for the LGBT tags we so often used to help reach our community. 


We're back. A little rusty but working on it and putting together a simple hub for wlw events. Not because we want to exclude other LGBT+ groups but because it's time we have spaces that don't include cis men hacking at us, they can sit down and cry about it for all we care.

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